3 Features What Make a Mild Shampoo Different from a Regular Shampoo

In recent times, the craze for mild shampoos has increased to a few times. The biggest irony is that according to most of the buyers, Sulfate and Paraben free shampoos are called mild shampoos.

Well! This is partially true.

There are various parameters that make a shampoo a mild one.

So, in the following section, we are going to talk about the features that the best mild shampoos portray.


Mild Surfactants

Mild surfactants or cleansers are the biggest advantage of using mild shampoos. These surfactants do not dry out the hair. So, in the long run, hair stays healthy and smooth.

Natural Oils, Butter, and Essential Oils

The more the number of active ingredients are, the more effective a mild shampoo is.

Mild shampoos contain a huge number of active ingredients that any commercial shampoos.

Natural oils Jojoba Oil, butters like Shea Butter,  essential oils like Tea Tree EO, fruits extracts like Mulberry, botanical herb extracts like Sugarcane, etc. are considered as active ingredients.

These components make a shampoo mpre effective.

Natural Source of Derived Ingredients

In order to produce a cost-effective product, commercil bramds usually formulate shampoos with synthetically derived ingredients. And, such ingredients do more harm than any good.

Whereas, mild shampoos contin more and more naturally derived ingredients that make the shampoo more amazing.

Mild preservatives too play an important role in the formulation of a mild shampoo. Additives like strong dyes and colourants are not present in these types of shampoos.


All these features along with a few more complete a mild shampoo. To know more about the other salient features of a mild shampoo, check out Cosmetics Arena.

So, which type of shampoo would you prefer round the year?